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JETstack Stackable and Adjustable Diffusion System

  • Designed for SubZero WaterPipe with JT-x5 core. (not compatible with X3 core
  • Stack up to 5 Percs for ultimate filtration!
  • Diffusers are held in place via Stainless Steel Threaded Rod
  • Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and TypeII Anodized
  • Every order includes properly sized Stainless Steel threaded rod (see "Rod Length" tab for details)
Diffusion 56 diffusion nozzles per disk
Compatibility JT-X5 Core
Dimensions: 1.945in x 1.945in x 0.8in
Thread: M4x0.7mm
Color: Blue
Tolerance +/- 0.0015in
Weight: 46 grams
  • TypeII Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • 316 Stainless Steel (rod)
Manufacturing: CNC Machined in the US by JET Filtration Systems

The diagram below depicts what length of rod will be included with your order (click to enlarge).

  • Quantity (qty) is independent of color
  • Example: Ordering 3-Black stacks would include the same sized rod as ordering 1-Red 1-Green 1-Yellow would.
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Simon I.
United States United States
Best pipe ever

I Love this pipe. I had like up to 12 glass pieces in my life and all of them have broke some within the same day of purchasing it like I'm clumsy or I'm just not very spatially oriented but I love this like I can't break it it falls tips over nothing goes wrong best piece ever and when you buy it they give you the screens they give you everything necessary so it's perfect

United States United States
Over-engineered but worth it

Got a second Jet in white and blue to compliment the black and red one we already had.

United States United States

I’m loving my jet .. I got the smaller x5 subzero .. I can’t say enough bout it .. wen I purchased the x5 I also got 3 blue stacks .. it’s awesome then I decided why not get the other 2 stacks , so I did and I still love this jet amazing is all I can say !! I’ll tell you keep your water level in the lines and 5 stacks on the smaller x5 is fine , no worries..

Jonathan R.
United States United States
perc review

i bought two of the stacks- while it improves the experience they seem a little small in diameter compared to the jet itself so idk how useful they are if smoke is escaping from the sides.. / can’t find any instructions when it comes to how much water to use or how to space the discs


Thanks for the review! Yes they are supposed to be smaller than the tube ID in order to prevent the stacks from getting jammed in the tube. The tube ID varies from the manufacturer, so we have to under size the stacks to accommodate for this tolerance. We do however reduce this gap over time in order to optimize the fit, so future versions will be a bit tighter. To reduce the amount of smoke that bypasses the stacks for now, hold the pipe more vertically (instead of angled). As for the water level: Fill to slightly above the "HIGH" level mark. Do not fill past the top of the "WATER LEVEL" text. In regards to the spacing: This will vary depending on inhalation rate. Start out with equal spacing, if the bubbles don't reach the top stack, decrease the spacing.

Joshua A.
United States United States

Amazing, smooth, and enjoyable!

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