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About Us

Here at JET water pipes, we believe in creating performance-packed smoking accessories that do not break like any glass pipes.

 Our mission is simple:

Engineer and manufacture state-of-the-art smoking accessories using computational fluid dynamics and modern day CNC machine tool technology.

For years, the parent company of JET Filtration systems has specialized in the fabrication of aerospace, military, and research components using State-of-the-Art CNC manufacturing techniques.  Eventually it was decided that we would go into the manufacturing of tobacco waterpipes, but only under one condition:  To create a product that is truly "beyond unique" in both looks and performance... Well, 1.5 years, and thousands of engineering hours later, the SubZero waterpipe was born and the results were indeed beyond unique.  Actually, many of the people who ordered from us also ended up buying more for family and friends because they loved it so much!

 JET Filtration Systems is unique in the fact that all of the manufacturing in addition to R&D, is kept in-house.  So everything we design we also produce, giving us unprecedented control over product quality, meaning no corners are ever cut.  Many of the CNC machining processes are adjusted while running (‘on the fly editing’) to sift out any unpredictable variations in product quality.  In fact the variations are so minor that they are not even noticeable, but since we are perfectionists we can not help but intervene on even the smallest of details.

 Originally founded in 2006 (and still run) by a self-taught CNC programmer, JET Filtration Systems constantly strives to supply consumers with products of unbeatable quality and performance for the lowest price.  In fact we are so dedicated to the product, that we even design and make our own machines and work-holding fixtures in-house, (literally from scratch) to perform special tasks!

 What is CNC machining?

Machining is a process of selectively removing material from a solid piece of metal, plastic, or composite to produce the desired geometry, much like carving a work of art from a solid piece of wood.

CNC stands for Computer-Numerical-Control, which is the computerized system (brain) responsible for interpreting a file of commands and translating those commands into physical movements within the machine tool (via robotics).  These modern-day CNC machine tools allow us to produce parts that would be near impossible to make on a manually operated Lathe or Mill.