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Frequently Asked Questions

updated 05/28/2020

Water Pipes

What can I clean it with?
We have found that using rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) is the best way to clean the water pipe. Just DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT use Acetone to clean any part of this waterpipe (nail polish remover includes acetone). Also avoid using specialty pipe cleaners (even the ones that say "for plastic and metal")

Not Approved:
    • Nailpolish Remover
    • Acetone Free Nailpolish Remover
    • LYE (sodium hydroxide)
    • WaterPipe Cleaners (even if they say safe for plastic, as they are referring to acrylic not polycarbonate)
    • Rubbing Alcohol (70% - 90% isopropyl)
    • Isopropyl Alcohol (pure)
    • unflavored Vodka (40% ethanol)
What liquids can I use with it?
ONLY fill the water pipe with WATER. Using filtered water is preferred in order to reduce water spots.

Do NOT use any 'additives' or 'specialty' waters. These 'proprietary' fluids (commonly sold at headshops) have a highly acidic or alkaline composition.
Using any of these chemicals will permanently damage (strip) the anodizing.  
Ok so the Bowl is made from Aluminum, won't that affect the taste?
No not at all! The hard coat anodizing on the bowl prevents any sort of metallic taste... In fact, customers have even told us that our water pipe brings out more flavor than any glass pipe they have ever smoked out of! For more detail on this check out the "Heat Barrier" section of the Bowl page.
Will the plastic parts mis-flavor the smoke?
Nope! The plastic parts do not come in contact with heat, thereby reducing/eliminating the possibility of any out-gassing or leeching of flavor.
The plastics we use are of the highest grade and approved for medical and food contact applications.
Is it difficult to clean?
Nope! Customers quickly come to realize that looks can be deceiving with this water pipe. Once the tube is removed it is actually very easy to clean, as all internal regions of the waterpipe become easily accessible. To clean the tube, the most effective method is to take a wooden spoon or broom handle, wrap it in a rag/paper towel, dab on some rubbing alcohol, and push it into the tube while rotating. This will distribute the alcohol among the tube interior. Once tars have dissolved remove the spoon/broom handle (removing the paper towel as well), and using a vegetable sprayer with hot-warm water, spray the inside of the tube. All other parts of the waterpipe can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol as well.
How do I clean the Stem?
Here's a quick, no-cleaner method:

  1. Remove the Bowl
  2. Unscrew the Stem
  3. Hold the stem by the white valve slide
  4. Run hot water through it for a few minutes
  5. Once hot enough, the tar and ash will heat up and melt out
  6. Reassemble and enjoy
    What is the Tube made out of?
    The tube is made from high quality polycarbonate; the same material that is used to make bullet-proof glass. This is one of the reasons our water pipes are considered as "virtually indestructible"
    What if I prefer to use a Glass Bowl?
    The Stem was designed to accept any 14mm Glass Pipe attachments.
    What can be used to lubricate the orings?
    Approved lubricants:
      • O-ring Grease (silicone lubricant, sold at home improvement stores)
      • Vaseline (unscented)
      • Chapstick 'classic original' (unflavored)
    Apply a small amount of lubricant to finger then rub onto o-ring.
    When properly lubricated, the o-ring should have a glossy appearance.

    It usually takes 2 times more torque to unscrew the tube. Keep this in mind when tightening the tube (especially after applying lubricant).
    Pipe will not bubble when I try inhaling. Is it clogged?
    Most likely it is not clogged, there is a rubber ball check valve inside the core that may become jammed in the seat. This can happen if the water pipe is set down too hard. To fix this:
    1. Empty the water from the pipe
    2. Unscrew the Tube
    3. Pull the diffuser Core out of the Base
    4. Unscrew the percolation disk from the Cyclone Filter
    5. Loosen the Rubber Ball until it is free to move around
    6. Reassemble the waterpipe
      It feels like there's a lot of drag starting out, what's wrong?
      This is normal when you first start inhaling.

      To solve this; start inhaling until it begins to bubble, then bring the lighter to the bowl.

      Applying the lighter before you inhale will make it seem like there's excessive drag.
      What's the purpose of the Ball Valve?
      The ball valve prevents water from entering the base too quickly after inhaling.

      This prevents water from 'jumping' up into the bowl.
      How much water should I use with the JETstacks?
      Fill until the water rests slightly above the "HIGH" graduation mark.

      Do not fill above the "WATER LEVEL" engraving. Doing so will cause water to leak from the stem.
      Do the JETstacks add more drag?
      Yes. More stacks = more filtration = more resistance.

      If you're used to hitting multi-chamber waterpipes -- you probably won't notice it too much.
      How do I get all the JETstacks to bubble?
      Hold it as close to vertical as possible for maximum diffusion. (rather than angled)

      Diffuser won't unscrew from the Core, is it stuck?
      No it isn't stuck. It's just a little too tight.

      To break the Diffuser free:
      1. Remove Core assembly from Base
      2. Place Core assembly in freezer for ~30min
      3. Remove from freezer and unscrew

      • Hold vertically when removing Diffuser (otherwise ball will fall out)
      • DO NOT re-assemble when cold (run under warm water first)
      • GENTLY tighten when re-assembling (it will be about 4x harder to unscrew in the future)

      Shipping / Ordering

      When should I expect a tracking number?
      It typically takes 1 business day to assemble and package your order.  If you haven't received a tracking number within 2 business days, please check for any follow up emails from orders@jetwaterpipes.com 
      How much is shipping?
      Shipping within the US can typically range between $13-$26 depending on location.  Shipping to Canada is usually $45-$50usd.  Shipping to countries other than US and Canada can range from $55-$70usd.
      Do you guys ship to dorms?
      Yes we do! When ordering, please be sure to include your dorm/room number. If you do not have a room number (ex. you live in a fraternity or sorority), then please let us know in the comments field of the checkout page.
      Why do you require a phone number?
      When shipping a package, FedEx and USPS both require a valid phone number just in case they experience problems delivering the package to the shipping address you provided.
      How can I order with a gift card?
      The card must first be registered to your name, address, and zip code. Most likely you will have to call the card company with this info.
      Is the shipping discreet?
      Yes, all orders are shipped in plain brown boxes without any external branding. Our website URL is not included in the return address